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The Role of Ethical Investment

In February 2014, Richard gave an interview on the role of ethical investment in the Church of England. He was Deputy Chair of the Church of England’s Ethical Investment Advisory Group between 2010 and 2015. News report Also see this news report from May 2015: ‘Church of England to sell coal assets’ Photo: Markus Spiske

Debating Monty Python’s Life of Brian

Richard Burridge · Monty Python’s Life of Brian: Richard Burridge segment On 30 December 2013, Richard Burridge spoke on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme about the controversy sparked in 1979 by Monty Python’s Life of Brian. The programme featured a conversation with John Cleese and Michael Palin as they prepare for the Pythons’ reunion later

Centre for Public Christianity

In Australia in September 2012, Richard gave a series of interviews for the Centre for Public Christianity, focusing on how his biographical-literary approach to the Gospels applies to important ethical questions today. Videos of these interviews are available to view on the Centre for Public Christianity website. Video 1: Truth Telling Video 2: The Last

Meditations for Epiphany

Richard offered two meditations for the BBC Radio 3 Choral Evensong service, recorded live from King’s College Chapel for the Feast of Epiphany, Wednesday 6 January 2010.